Organizations around the world have invested heavily on technology advancements to enhance the execution capability, improve productivity, profitability and attain competitive business advantage. Enterprises have been adopting and migrating their typical infrastructures to cloud. To help with the cloud strategy and cloud migrations, organizations are looking out for experienced cloud consulting specialists in a cost effective approach.

VectorSoft’s Cloud migration and implementation services include SaaS Enabled services, building and enabling private cloud environments, implementing clod strategy across the services lifecycle and migration of enterprise infrastructure to public cloud. Based on our unique processing methodology, starting with consolidation and standardization of existing infrastructure environment, virtualization of cloud environment, rebuilding the applications to be compatible with private clouds. We help you re-platform your existing infrastructure to a customizable cloud architecture within scalable and stable framework to meet your day-to-day business needs.

Vertical Scalability using Micro-services
Micro-Services architecture are the new architectural patterns gaining popularity with respect to the scalability where a single application is developed as a suite of small services each running in its own process and communicating with a central source. Ideally vertical scalability refers to scaling up the capacity of application by increasing the hardware capacity without changing the infrastructure.

Scalability with micro-services is very appealing to the enterprises as the hardware capacity need not be increased to scale up but instances of the applications are encountered on cloud infrastructure. Micro-Services splits an application into independent functional units, each with its own runtime and processing thread.

VectorSoft’s competent and skilled team can implement cloud strategies based on the infrastructure and requirements, ensure you optimal performance of applications, and enable agility and security at minimal cost.