Quite frequently the software development lifecycle loses its continuity due to integration of all the processes, the conventional process patterns of automating the procedures and source controls are no longer efficient. The combination of Automation and Source control is referred to as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, a software development discipline to release the software in the targeted time without missing the continuity at the production time.  Enterprises aims at delivering risk-free and highly proficient software in minimum costs and less time, CICD is the key to make the software’s easily deployable.

Continuous delivery approach helps organizations to become a reliable, agile, and lean as well as aids in the low-risk releases. Continuous Integration methodology is an advanced concept of integrating the code to the shared repository very frequently to ensure less time taken for back-tracking and bug-finding. Adapting the amalgamated CICD business strategy streamlines all the processes of SDLC from development to operations including testing and security as whole one unit with a single push-control to the entire repository. With a simple push, from initial deployment to complicated infrastructure set-up can all be done with ease. The CICD process allows better collaboration between Ops and delivery stimulating real change in the entire organization process and converting the release process into a competitive business advantage.

Developing the software applications, writing and executing the software build is the foundation to the release process. VectorSoft focuses on your implementation, keeping an eye on the release pipeline by customizing the effective build templates to integrate with the other processes in the workflow.
The software build is deployed by CICD deployment techniques such as versioning, continuous integration, automation and continuous deployment will decrease time of the release process and makes the software production ready.
Testing and Security
To identify regressions and bugs in the release process it is essential to go through an automated testing process to ensure security of the application. Testing the software code within the CICD environment for any aberrant behaviours is vital for continuity of the release pipeline.
VectorSoft consultants follow a tactical CICD approach to manage the entire SDLC of your organization and deliver the software releases within less time, ensuring good production rate during the delivery at an affordable cost.