Defending your security system from cyber threats has been never so easy with regular technology advancements, the increase in vulnerabilities is rapidly going up. With complex threat landscapes the rate of surge of enterprise security breaches is very high. Organizations around the world rely on Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) to construct a robust security system, enabling flawless defence against all the applications and entire enterprise network.
VectorSoft security experts follow a strategic defensive approach to manage specific areas of security and shield you from all the external threats and vulnerabilities.  Our key differentiator’s as MSSP are persistent firewall management, enterprise security assessments at periodic intervals, consistently monitoring for potential threats with intrusion detection systems and handling patch management services.

The common Qs:
1. Is your organization keeping pace with emerging vulnerabilities?
2. Have you assessed your security system and implemented the right security strategy?

VectorSoft is your Managed Security Services Provider:

We specialize in wide range of security services from applications security to safeguarding databases with efficient network security and shielding against advanced technology threats to enhance your enterprise security posture and integrate into one robust security package.

o Application Security – Building your Application Firewall.
Business applications are more often accessible on networks and are extremely exposed to wide variety of threats. The emerging BYOD concept, most of enterprise applications are available on mobile devices creates a question on application vulnerability. With our strategic application-level security approach we shield the app data with containerization and sandboxing in addition to it form a reliable secure-rich firewall to protect business and enterprise applications against external threats.

o Database Security  – Fencing your Database against Data Theft
With digital warfare and cyber threats on the rise, enterprise crucial databases are the key targets of cybercrime. Organizations secure their data assets such as corporate secrets, intellectual property information and financials in their database servers. Technology innovations made it easy for hackers to breach these enterprise servers. Our security strategy with end-to-end defensive firewall approach is built to mitigate information security risks both externally and internally.

o Network Security –  Defending your Network against cyber threats
Detecting potential cyber threats in the public and private networks has become more difficult than never before. The authentication factors for the network is no longer resilient with hackers using technology to crack down and transmit viruses in the network. At VectorSoft we follow a layered security approach with multiple levels of network monitoring and shielding along with an intrusion detection system against emerging fast spreading threats.  With our network security system in place your organization is protected from day-to-day business disruption.

o SIEM Implementation and Maintenance – Our Security Solution to your Business Architecture
Many organizations couldn’t detect and identify potential threats following the traditional security measures, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a relatively new concept and has been booming year-on-year. SIEM is unique security service is an integration of monitoring operational events, manage security risks and compliance relevant information. VectorSoft’s SIEM consultants can manage archives of Application, Database, Network securities and maintain authentication activities from different infrastructure sources.