Defending your security system from cyber threats has been never so easy with regular technology advancements, the increase in vulnerabilities is rapidly going up. With complex threat landscapes the rate of surge of enterprise security breaches is very high. Organizations around the world rely on Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) to construct a robust security system, enabling flawless defence against all the applications and entire enterprise network.

VectorSoft security experts follow a strategic defensive approach to manage specific areas of security and shield you from all the external threats and vulnerabilities. Our key differentiator’s as MSSP are persistent firewall management, enterprise security assessments at periodic intervals, consistently monitoring for potential threats with intrusion detection systems and handling patch management services.


Quite frequently the software development lifecycle loses its continuity due to integration of all the processes, the conventional process patterns of automating the procedures and source controls are no longer efficient. The combination of Automation and Source control is referred to as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, a software development discipline to release the software in the targeted time without missing the continuity at the production time. Enterprises aims at delivering risk-free and highly proficient software in minimum costs and less time, CICD is the key to make the software’s easily deployable.


Organizations around the world have invested heavily on technology advancements to enhance the execution capability, improve productivity, profitability and attain competitive business advantage. Enterprises have been adopting and migrating their typical infrastructures to cloud. To help with the cloud strategy and cloud migrations, organizations are looking out for experienced cloud consulting specialists in a cost effective approach.