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What Vectorsoft Is All About

With so much talent on the market, it can be easy to get misled about finding the right hire. If you are a job seeker, looking to get hired, it can be difficult to find legitimate leads. Most staffing services and placement agencies are often misleading, challenging to work with, and unreliable. However, at Vectorsoft, we firmly believe in finding the right talent for the job in question. In other words, we do not necessarily look for the fanciest resume or volumes of experience, we look for the right fit for every role. Our vetting process focuses on technical and behavioral evaluation. We provide solutions for IT and Non-IT recruitment. So if you are a job seeker or a company looking to get a hold of the best talent on the offer, look no further.

What Vectorsoft Has To Offer

Short term staff

Maybe you do not want to hire people full-time. Instead, you may require staff temporarily. You can expect Vectorsoft to take care of your short term staffing needs.

Well Trained Staff

Businesses tend to spend a significant amount of time and money on hiring qualified candidates, and this does not work out all the time....more

Fast Hiring

Fast hiring is one of the biggest reasons businesses work with staffing services. You can count on us to help you hire candidates quickly.

Staffing Services

We understand what kinds of candidates businesses need, based on their industry...more

Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO)

With tons of companies on the market looking for the right candidates to scale their...more

Technical Screening Services

Tired of having to spend too much time on recruitment? Use our technical screening...more

Our Staffing Solutions

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OPT Training

  • As a company, you need to spend time recruiting candidates that have what you require. Many students are not ready to be recruited.
  • At Vectorsoft, we get tons of students up to speed with our OPT training services, hence bridging the gap between academics and experience.

Why Opt For Vectorsoft?

Vectorsoft strives hard to help you achieve your business objectives by providing you end-to-end staffing and recruiting solutions.
  • We use the latest tools and technology to ensure that the candidates we choose match your job profile completely
  • Our vetting process includes technical and behavioral aspects of the candidates
  • At Vectorsoft, we analyze each recruitment needs and come up with innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs
  • We’ve successfully served 100+ clients across different industry verticals to find the right talent even for IT staffing.
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